The journey

I've heard people wanted to know what I listen to while driving to relieve my stress. Well here's a small sample of some of my favorite remixs! 

Note: NONE are ment for infingement, all songs are owned by their respective parties... 

( Newer music as i get time to remove and replace songs...)


Digital Analog.mp3

Electric Blue.mp3

Granular Rainstorm.mp3

Graphic Distortion.mp3



Something Below.mp3


Zero Dark Hundred.mp3

^^^  NEW SONGS! ^^^ 

Knife Party - Boss Mode (Remix).mp3

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Remix).mp3

Knife Party - Resistance (Remix).mp3

Knife Party - Tourniquet (Remix).mp3

Careless Whisper - Remix.mp3

For You.mp3

More Than Words - Remix.mp3

What A Night - Remix.mp3

Wheel in the Sky - Remix.mp3

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