Many people don’t really see the appeal of truck drivers or think much of them when they see them driving down the highway. The thing is, a truck driver salary is often higher than what most people who get a four year degree from a college or university. There are a significant amount of benefits for truck drivers that the average person doesn’t realize.


So while plenty of people are pouring away all of their hard earned cash on tuition bills, others are going for CDL training to make a truck driver  salary. The ones who are focusing on CDL training are actually the smarter ones because they have a better chance of getting employed after graduation than the ones who are going to college.


Why? Truck drivers will always have jobs because transport hasn’t been left up to the robots and computers. Things still need to get from point A to point B and the easiest way to do that is to put it on the back of a cargo truck and have it driven across the county, state or country.


CDL training takes about four weeks. A college degree takes about four years. It’s not hard to decide which one sounds like the better option in terms of getting a career started. Many trucks are state of the art with lots of technology and comfort built inside of them. Plus, many truck drivers get top benefits and make a great truck driver salary – often starting at about $50,000 a year.


There’s nothing too hard about CDL training. This is a course that teaches you all that you need to know about how to operate a truck, the rules of the road and generally how to handle yourself in a big rig. Once you graduate, you can choose the career path that you want to go. You can go with a cushy job with a corporation, coming home to your family every night. Or you can buy your own truck and transport anything that you want across the country. You can also go for some of the extreme jobs and double your truck driver salary.


The average college graduate isn’t actually working in their field. This means that they’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on an education that they’ll never use. Even if they do get a job in their field, they are still only making about $35,000 a year – and that’s if they’re lucky. To make anything more in this economy, it’s necessary to get at least a master’s degree.


CDL training can provide you with immediate work. You take the course, you get a job and you start making a truck driver salary – which is certainly higher than a lot of other jobs. It may not be a luxurious job at times, but there are plenty of careers out there that require a CDL and nothing else.

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